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Transcription Tools and Role of AI in Transcription

Updated: Jan 7

AI in Transcription

Transcription is the conversion of live, or recorded audio into a written document. It is done often in business, medical sciences, and for legal purposes. The most common type of transcription is the conversion of the audio into text. The text can be in the form of a report. It has become an effective tool in the online world. You can use this technique to make a written form of everything. Different transcription tools are used this day which are described in this article. The role of AI in transcription is also presented in the article, following the description of the tools.


It is a free transcription tool that is open-sourced. It allows you to control the editor and audio player at the same time. It infers that you don’t have to click on tabs to edit and play, or stop the audio. You can control everything simply with your keyboard. It also saves your work automatically. You can just add a video, audio, or a link on YouTube to start transcription on this transcription tool. The player is on the left. So you can do your all work on right side of the window. You can make use of keyboard shortcuts to adjust this tool as per your style of transcription as well. This saves your work as an RTF file.

Express Scribe

Express scribe is another effective transcription tool that is popular for professional transcription. It can be installed on the PC, and Mac. You can control everything on the tool with the help of your keyboard only. It has an easy to use interface as well. This transcription tool also has a large range of control for efficiency, and achieving good speed. It has both free, and paid versions. The free version can play numerous audios and have the feature of foot pedal support. You can adjust the playback options as per your typing speed. It is an efficient transcription tool used for transcription of the audios, and videos.

FTW Transcriber

Another effective tool for transcription is that of FTW transcribers. It is an efficient tool, and you can download it as well. It has an audio playback of high quality too. It has features that ensure timestamps automatically. This tool provides support to a large range regarding the types of both video, and audio files. It can be seen as an orange box on your screen. Through this tool you can move anywhere on the screen according to your ease. You can play, stop, and change the volume level, forward or backwards for the video within this box. It can be used on tablets and smartphones too. But this tool is only compatible with Windows and Android operating systems.


This is also a downloadable tool that has a simplified interface. You can do all your transcriptions in one window through this. It also has a wide range of keyboard shortcuts, which makes its use easy. You can customise these shortcuts according to your styles and needs. You can also create snippets on this tool.

Role of AI in Transcription

AI has a great role in the field of transcription. The introduction of AI has completely transformed the ways in which people transcribe. This is because the advent of these tools has made transcription easier. The following point reflects the role of AI in transcription.

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AI plays an important role in the aspect of transcription. This is because it has transformed the ways of transcription significantly. It saves a lot of your time when you make use of it for transcription. Rather than listening to the audio and typing each and every word spoken in it, you can turn the audio into text automatically. You can also transform the audio into text through written content in an automated way. This will aid in analysis of the content in an effective manner. You will spend more time analysing the content rather than wasting your time in writing it. It provides you with ease because you won’t have to write each and every word on your own.


AI brings accuracy in the domain of transcription. The transcriptions formed by AI are more accurate than the ones formed through the rule-based systems. This happens because AI makes use of patterns based recognition techniques for analysing how to word sounds. It does so when these words are pronounced in different contexts by different people. AI also ensures how these showed be written within the English context. It makes sure that what’s written should follow all the grammatical rules. It creates natural-sounding language, which is considered mostly correct.

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